• Winter Peeps

    Winter Peeps

    The we heart collective has made a calender for 2015 which you can download for free […]

  • Mr. Westcott

    Mr. Westcott

    What do you get someone for christmas who literally needs nothing … a drawing of themselves […]

  • AAA Christmas 2014

    AAA Christmas 2014

    When I got an email from AAA Financial Corp saying “Help, I desperately need a cute […]

  • Inner Fox Fitness

    Inner Fox Fitness

    Inner Fox Fitness is a Melbourne based in home personal trainer providing fitness training and nutritional […]



    Manicrew is a Melbourne and Sydney based brand providing 15 minute in office manicures to large […]

  • jungles organised neatly

    jungles organised neatly

    I was asked by fellow we heart collective member (and amazing photographer/videographer) Camille Santiago to be […]

  • bleach festival 2014

    bleach festival 2014

    The we heart collective was invited to be a part of Bleach Festival 2014 – a […]

  • the third pocket

    the third pocket

    The Third Pocket is a superannuation startup that aims to make sense of super for those […]

  • dogify


    Dogify.com.au is a Melbourne based webstore launched in 2013, that specialises in premium dog products and […]

  • The Kingdom of Fox Den

    The Kingdom of Fox Den

    I was recently commissioned to illustrate a set of illustrations of legendary characters to go onto […]

  • RSPCA 2013 Christmas

    RSPCA 2013 Christmas

    I was asked once again to design and illustrate a set of christmas cards for the […]

  • Pana Chocolate

    Pana Chocolate

    Pana Chocolate is an Melbourne based raw, organic, handmade chocolate which launched in 2011 as a […]

  • Shaverhut rebrand

    Shaverhut rebrand

    Shaverhut is an online brand selling shaving and grooming needs since 2006. It focuses on great […]

  • Kenko Tea

    Kenko Tea

    Kenko Tea is a new Melbourne based brand dedicated to premium quality Japanese Matcha Green Tea. […]

  • Queen B candles

    Queen B candles

    Queen B is a sydney based candle company which makes their range of candles by hand […]

  • Japanese food band poster

    Japanese food band poster

    For a music loving foodie friend’s recent birthday, I decided to make her a present rather […]



    THIS FISH is a Melbourne based organic fish importer which launched in 2013 with a focus […]

  • ezydog


    EzyDog is an Australian brand specialising in dog collars and leashes for outdoor and active dogs […]

  • RSPCA 2011 christmas cards

    RSPCA 2011 christmas cards

    I was commissioned to design and illustrate a set of christmas cards for the RSPCA in […]

  • sophisticated gamer

    sophisticated gamer

    Illustration commission for the Queensland State Library’s digital culture program, The Edge, who ran a promotion of […]

  • we heart numbers

    we heart numbers

    I created this drawing for the We Heart Collective’s show ‘We Heart Numbers’ in May 2012, […]

  • poster children exhibition

    poster children exhibition

    I was invited by Flat White Spaces to exhibit in the group show Poster Children in […]

  • Medical Minds

    Medical Minds

    Medical Minds is a medical liason that represents Cardiologists and Neurosurgeons. BRANDING I wanted to work […]

  • cat shrine

    cat shrine

    A while ago I promised my friend Ashleigh that I would draw her something for her […]

  • QCA 09 graduate catalogue

    QCA 09 graduate catalogue

    The graduate catalogue is a 168 page burst bound book. cover – matt cello & spot […]

  • Ruby Rabbit

    Ruby Rabbit

    Ruby Rabbit is a virtual administration business. BRANDING The owner wanted a name that dedicated the […]

  • Lee/Yang wedding

    Lee/Yang wedding

    Some lovely friends of mine got engaged last year and they loved their engagment-gift-illustration so much that they […]

  • QCA first year handbook

    QCA first year handbook

    As 2nd year design students, we were asked to pitch our design for a handbook for […]

  • laser cut paper

    laser cut paper

    For an exhibit titled and themed “we heart paper” I created a a forest scene with 6 […]

  • QCA student exhibition poster

    QCA student exhibition poster

    I was approached by QCA to design an A3 poster to promote an exhibition of first […]

  • Impression Imprint xmas card

    Impression Imprint xmas card

    I was asked to design an interesting christmas card that wasn’t cliché xmas and could be […]

  • de stijl movement brochure

    de stijl movement brochure

    Given the task of creating a brochure to convey the typography of the 1910s, I was […]

  • ham array

    ham array

    A typographical exercise in creating interesting areas of negative space using our names. Using the typface […]

  • girl illustrations

    girl illustrations

    I really like drawing, I really like fashion. I often find myself drawing pretty girls for […]

  • Maketimelapse.com business cards

    Maketimelapse.com business cards

    maketimelapse.com is a family company that creates long-term HD timelapse videos. My brother designed the logo, but […]

  • miscellaneous logos

    miscellaneous logos

    As well as my main branding clients that I establish distinct looks for, there is also the smaller one […]