hey, it’s me

My name is Porsha Marais.
I am a designer, illustrator and aesthetic perfectionist but most importantly I work for myself. I run my own ‘studio’ aptly called Porsha Marais and you can hire me to design pretty much anything. I specialise in branding, packaging design, illustration, print design and websites. I can work from anywhere, but currently split my time between Sydney and the Gold Coast, say hi!

branding is important

A brand is so much more than a logo. There are so many elements that combine to create a brand – from the personality of the wording to paper choices & fonts – designing a brand is all about conveying your brands ethos though your products and communicating clearly and honestly with your clients. I want to help you do that. For me the greatest thrill is to work closely with a company with a great product and help them brand/package/represent their way of being through their brand. In the end I want your brand to feel like a member of your family, with its own personality, look and friends (loyal fans).

… but hey, if you want me to just draw you a custom illustration of your cat wearing a cape, I can do that too ;)

enough about design, you came here to learn more about me

I studied Graphic Design (with a minor in art theory) at the Queensland College of Art (QCA) and graduated on 2009 with a killer GPA (clearly reflecting my ambition to please all and obsession with results).

I play xbox, watch sci-fi and draw women with impossibly beautiful hair. I love to travel, people-watch, overanalyse everything and find out how things are made. I’m always thinking about art history, minimalism, Scandinavian homewares and creating awkwardly cute animals. I drink tea, grew up in QLD Australia and prefer winter. I work from home, adore my clients and work silly hours because I love what I do.

check out my work and tell me you love it.