Inner Fox Fitness

Inner Fox Fitness is a Melbourne based in home personal trainer providing fitness training and nutritional coaching specifically tailored to women.

The personal trainer market is one saturated with testosterone filled imagery and brands. Inner Fox came to me in need of a name and a brand that made them stand apart from these traditional fitness brands. They loved my girl drawings and were keen to incorporate these into the brand.
When creating the branding for Inner Fox, I went with ideas and images that meant it could almost be a fashion brand or lifestyle blog. The main objectives were to make something that was calm, with feminine strength and resilience. Symbolism of nature (forests and foxes) and a strongly (toned) feminine figure (in a very languid way) were key to the brand.

Blues and reds are so often used in fitness brands, so a subdued, natural but feminine palette was chosen. In conduction with the light grey background the colours, the overall look is just what the clients were after. In their words; “You’ve captured the essence of the brand without us even knowing what that would be. We love what you’ve done.”

ClientInner Fox FitnessSkillsbranding, illustrationYear2014