Kneetly app

Kneetly is a smartphone app that matches car owners with car washers in their neighbourhood. Kneetly brought me on board to do a plethora of things, mainly branding, UI prototyping and produce some marketing material for their launch.

Branding an app was an exciting prospect, it needed a large array of material, a very fleshed out style and brand guide and an engaging brand to help it get off the ground. A combination of bright clean colours – white, navy, sky blue and turquoise … offset by a pale beigey grey.
This brand involved a huge amount of illustrated assets to convey all aspects needed without having to use photographs; both to keep the items more generalised and relatable to a wider audience, but also to be cute, fun and engaging.
Anthropomorphised washing up critters, cars, neighbourhoods, washers and users all in a matching navy line art style involving a couple of line weights. They were super fun to make and I still love them 10 months after making them – I even stuck the decals on my car and nothing to date has ever been stuck on my car. The highest of praise, haha.

To convey to the app team how to best apply the brand to the actual app, I provided them with fully fleshed out screens based on their initial wireframe – to take the user from sign-up to booking a wash. The 16 screens created a base for the build team to work from; a guide for how forms, maps, buttons, etc would look and the overall User Interface of the app.

Kneetly needed a pitch deck to wow potential early stage investors. I created a concise and engaging presentation for them to use with lots of facts, infographics, projection graphs and timelines.
It must have worked well, because they got all the funding they needed to launch.

Screen-printed decals were made to give to the first 100 washers and people who worked on the project. They were white on clear and look great stuck on cars.

I designed a couple of DL flyers to be mailbox dropped in elect areas of the launch region – one to recruit new washers and one to entice car owners to sign up and get a wash. A matching poster was also made for washer recruitment to go up in universities.

ClientkneetlySkillsBranding, Illustration, UI DesignYear2017