miscellaneous logos

As well as my main branding clients that I establish distinct looks for, there is also the smaller one off logo design projects.

1. Richmond Valley Aviation
an aircraft maintenance and helicopter flying service in northern rivers NSW with a client base of government departments and wealthy private aircraft owners. The logo needed to feel modern (to represent their approach to maintenance), with an aviation influence – I went with a subtle nod to it with runway lines in the logo letterforms. The client wanted a simple colour palette of sky blue and silver (for aircrafts).

2. Border North
a housing estate being developed just north of the QLD/NSW border. The estate is surrounded by natural bushland, so I utilised the gum leaf shape into the typography.

3. Access Australian Visas
a company aimed at assisting skilled migrants come to Australia. The client wanted to use the australia shape whilst referencing the coast/beach and the relaxed QLD attitude.

4. Mayura Bodywork
a day spa in the hinterland. The client gave quite a few hints in the breif that they had a thing for peacocks, and after some research I found out Mayura was sanskrit for peacock.

5. Easy Online Marketing for you.
the client loved the 50s and wanted to include this in her logo, but what did that have to do with an internet marketing company. Marketing in the 1950s has so much enthusiasm and optimism for new technologies like nuclear power, fridges, microwaves, etc. I wanted to tap into this chipper ideal for the EOMFY logo and apply it to a modern social media marketing company.

6. John Moodie – customer service specialist
the client wanted a simple logo that could be applied to his two core businesses, customer service consultancy and motivational workshops, both operating under one name. The solution was a simple text logo with a dynamic pattern in two colour schemes.  The two core business used their own colour scheme to differentiate them.

ClientmiscellaneousSkillsbrandingYear2010 - 2014