Mr. Westcott

What do you get someone for christmas who literally needs nothing … a drawing of themselves of course. In 2014, I spent many, many days making this as a surprise for my much adored friend, Matt. I wanted to capture him just as I think of him – super enthusiastic, playing xbox and hanging out with his adorable cat.

When I started out, I was aiming for it to be essentially the male version of this illustration. Pretty chuffed I even managed to take some progress shots for once. You can see the cat ended up moving up to the top of the couch at some point. I also tried something different with the only light source being an unseen TV screen in the front.

I very rarely draw guys, so its always a challenge, but I’m so happy with how this one turned out. I feel the biggest thumbs up was that his family actually recognised it as him when he put it on Facebook. Achievement unlocked, lol. Hopefully he will always enjoy it :)