QCA first year handbook

As 2nd year design students, we were asked to pitch our design for a handbook for 1st year Visual Media students at QCA. We were provided the text for the book, but were urged to edit it in order to communicate clearer.

My result was a 48 page spiral bound A5 booklet, which featured 18 original drawings that I created using shapes filled with scanned paper textures and applied drop shadows to make them seem like a real paper collage. I restructured most of the provided information to make it clearer to students trying to understand the complicated structure of the degree and its many majors and specialisations.

The best book will be printed and given to the first year students in 2009.

I was one of 6 finalist chosen out of the year and in the end my information layout was used with an aesthetic change (uni staff preferred the look of another students book, but could see the benefit of using my communication of the content – enter a hybrid win of my design and communication with another students green paint splashes).

Clientuni projectSkillsprint, illustrationYear2009