RSPCA 2013 Christmas

I was asked once again to design and illustrate a set of christmas cards for the RSPCA in 2013 after the popularity of their 2011 range.

This time they were keen to have photos of dogs on the front, so instead of illustrating the entire thing, this time they only had illustrated insides.
The drawings are all of happy christmas related things; an anthropomorphic tree, a reindeer, a snowman and of course a dog with his presents.

The illustrations were also put together onto a matching set of christmas wrapping paper which will also be sold this year.

Previously people responded really well to the bright fluro pantones on the cards, so I decided to do the same this year, but to keep things different they were pastel/fluro mixed pantones plus a silver for the gift wrap.
As a set they are really lovely and reflect a bright, happy and summery Australian Christmas and will brighten up anybodies christmas.

The gift wrap is available to purchase here and the christmas cards are here.

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