The Kingdom of Fox Den

I was recently commissioned to illustrate a set of illustrations of legendary characters to go onto children’s products – like backpacks and pencil cases. There may be more than one set to come in the future, but it was decided by the client and I that the initial set would be a knights and dragons theme (I may have been persuaded by the 3 Game of Thrones books I read whilst in NZ recently).

Creative decisions were entirely left up to me by the lovely client, so I decided to create a mythical Kingdom where all of my characters lived – the Kingdom of Fox Den. I loved the idea of fox as a house sigil; it clever and cunning, but also super cute and distinctive. From that initial idea, I created a king with a swooshy cape, and his lovely daughter with purple hair and a love of natures creatures. A gallant knight to protect the realm and magnificent dragon to keep him busy. A wild forest dwelling warrior women with the most awesome orange hair in the land and mysterious hooded executioner to keep everybody on their toes. To help set the scene and add context I also made a castle and a small forest as well as the very important crest of the kingdom.

I enjoyed working on this so much and adore every character I created for the client. I can’t wait to see the final products.

ClientKingdom of FoxdenSkillsillustrationYear2013