THIS FISH is a Melbourne based organic fish importer which launched in 2013 with a focus on ethically farmed, chemical and hormone free fish. Their first product was frozen atlantic salmon fillets from the shetland islands.

A strong focus on clean water was key with the primary brand elements of THIS FISH. A world filled with clean rushing water formed the basis for the logo with supporting elements of strong “we don’t mess around” typography and a leaping organic finned fish. A three colour palette of blue, turquoise and green kept things fresh, modern whilst giving visual queues for “organic”.

To highlight the fact that the product came from the cold clean waters near iceland, a triangular pattern was created – hinting at frozen clear water. This was the primary element used in the packaging and promotion of THIS FISH’s first product – Frozen Organic Atlantic Salmon.

The product was packaged in vacuum sealed bags printed on both sides. The front of the packaging only had key information to allow the pattern be highlighted. The back of the bag contained all product information included a suggested recipe, nutritional information and a summary of the product information.

An easy to navigate information site was created to inform potential customers of all the organic certifications and product information involved in THIS FISH Organic Salmon. The site structure was kept simple to allow for information on future products.
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ClientTHIS FISHSkillsbranding, packaging, print, webYear2013-2015