we heart numbers

I created this drawing for the We Heart Collective’s show ‘We Heart Numbers’ in May 2012, hosted by the Rabbit Hole Gallery / Ideation Cafe in West End, Brisbane.

With a theme as open as “numbers”, I went through many different ideas before deciding to go a bit meta and make a graph about the satisfaction of an idea over time in a typical project. Of course I couldn’t just draw a graph, so there was a lady involved as well ;)

I was really pleased to overhear a few comments from strangers on opening night along the lines of “hey, this is just like us!” Its great to know your work can have universal appeal. The illustration was printed A3 on a textured stock and framed.

Photo of work in the gallery by fellow collective member and talented photographer, Camille Santiago.

Clientwe heart collective SkillsillustrationYear2012