Lee/Yang wedding

Some lovely friends of mine got engaged last year and they loved their engagment-gift-illustration so much that they asked me to do their wedding invites

To match their ceremony and reception venues I made a few custom illustrations of vines and birds as well as some maps to help their guests find parking. The result reflects the couples personalities perfectly and of course they were really happy with their suite of wedding themed goodies.

The set included a DL folded landscape invitation, a thank you card and a gift tag for the favours.

All were printed on K.W. Doggett 340gsm Knight white vellum and the names were embossed.

As a separate surprise piece, the Maid of Honour and I organised a guest book and printed it with blurb. I designed the book, which also included a cute timeline of the couples relationship.

ClientLee/Yang weddingSkillsprint, illustrationYear2011